Hughes admitted that she had to cut back on going out with friends – a self-confessed food lover, she found it too tempting to eat out, knowing she had to stick to a strict nutrition plan.

However that was eased by the fact her boyfriend is also training as a bodybuilder, with designs on competing next year.

“You don’t understand it, until you’re in it, living it,” she said. “He’s pretty supportive, eating what I eat - most of the time.”

Both athletes are at differing points of their careers, but are part of sport drawing a rapidly-growing following.

The fitness industry itself is booming, and more and more people are looking to get themselves in the best condition they possibly can.

Hughes said: “That’s what got me into the sport, I wanted to see how much I could change my body.”

To those looking at competing Bruce’s advice is simple; there’s no quick fix, eat steak and eggs and train hard.