HOPE is on the horizon for Ledbury people fed up with the grass not being cut.

County councillor Liz Harvey has received written confirmation grass cutting will take place on Ledbury play areas tomorrow.

She added the rest of the town will have its grass cut, starting from Monday.

Townsfolk have been up in arms since Herefordshire Council said mowing would be limited to three times a year.

Many have resorted to cutting the grass themselves, so they can enjoy fun in the sun.

See tomorrow’s Ledbury Reporter for more on how fed up communities are taking matters into their own hands.

  • Send a message to the powers-that-be about grass cutting in Ledbury. Let them know what you think through the letters page of your local newspaper, the Ledbury Reporter. Email your letter to letters@ledburyreporter.co.uk. We'd love to see your photos too. Either of unmown grassed areas, or your efforts to cut the grass. Email pictures to news@ledburyreporter.co.uk.