IF EVER two people were meant to be together, then Horace and Daisy Dudfield of Dymock are that couple.

They share the same birthdate, they were childhood sweethearts, separated by the outbreak of World War Two, - and when they met again, after half a century apart, they recognised each other at once and the flames were re-kindled.

In the fifty years that had elapsed, both had been married, and they were usually never more than a dozen miles apart.

But it was only a chance meeting in Dymock Churchyard which put them back in touch.

Mr Dudfield who, like Daisy, is 90 said: "I lived in Malvern for fifty years, after the war, and I was always thinking about Daisy. I always thought we would see each other again, on a bus or somewhere, and we would be together."

Horace and Daisy both celebrated their 90th birthdays on June 4. They were also married on that day, in 1998, when they were 74.

It was obvious date for a wedding. The couple had known from the age of 14 that they shared the same birthdate, exactly.

The marriage came about after Mr Dudfield went to Dymock Church, to tend his parents' grave.

He said: "Daisy was there with her sister, and she said, why don't you come for a cup of tea?"

And sixteen years later, the celebrations continue.

A birthday and anniversary party was held in Dymock Parish Hall on Saturday June 7, where almost a hundred old friends, some from as far away as Scotland and Cornwall, together with family and friends from the village, joined in the celebration.

Mr Dudfield, who first met Daisy when they were seven, said: "I always knew I would return to Dymock. It is a wonderful village with lovely people."

He blames the War for taking him away from Daisy and posting him as far away as Canada and the Pacific.

Now he says they are "very, very lucky" to have found each other again, and to have lived so long.

The couple live in the Old Vicarage where, as a child, Mr Dudfield used to attend Bible classes.

A collection, made at the recent party, raised £1030 for the Air Ambulance, the couple's favourite charity.