PARENTS and children in Worcestershire are being called on to be extra careful to avoid accidents during the morning school rush.

As part of this week’s National Child Safety Week NHS England in Arden, Herefordshire and Worcestershire has issued a range of advice to help avoid trips to A&E.

Every week three children or young people die and more than 2,000 are taken to hospital as a result of an accident.

The organisation’s medical director Dr John O’Many said: “Getting ready for school each day can be a big challenge for both children and parents, yet just taking a few steps to think safe, both when you are getting ready at home and when you make that journey to school can make that vital difference.

“Life changing accidents can happen in seconds but by taking simple precautions they can easily be avoided.

“We can all help to ensure that school day morning mayhem does not result in an accident.”

Advice issued by the organisation includes avoiding leaving a hot drink anywhere a child can reach it, switching off hair strengtheners as soon as they have been used and making sure all baby gates are kept locked.

Parents are also being advised to make sure everyone in the car is properly strapped in, not talking on a mobile phone while crossing the road and to always wear a helmet when cycling to school.