A HEREFORDSHIRE-based police officer who seduced two vulnerable women victims for sex while he was on duty was caught out by his radio.

Gloucester Crown Court heard how investigators put Ian Langford in the frame by comparing the GPRS tracker on the radio to a journal of sexual activity kept by one of the women.

Langford, 46, from Tewkesbury, admitted two offences of misconduct in public office to be jailed for 18 months.

The court heard that Langford, a first response officer in the county, already had a reprimand on his West Mercia Police (WMP) record for a similar offence in 2008.

Langford resigned from WMP ahead of his sentence.

The woman were from Hereford and Ledbury with the offences dating from May 2012 to June 2013.

The Ledbury woman as involved in a neighbour dispute when Langford was sent to see her and his relationship with her lasted  a year, the court heard.

That dispute resulted in a court case that was compromised at trial when Langford let it be known that he was having an affair with the principal prosecution witness.

Janine Wood, prosecuting, said the woman kept a "sexual activity" journal that investigators compared with the GPRS tracker on Langford's radio to  confirm he was at her address at the times she logged while he was on duty.

The woman recalled Langford's radio going off while they were together and there were also explicit texts talking about what happened between she and Langford also confirming he was on duty, said Ms Wood.

Langford was sent to the Hereford woman after she made a complaint of domestic abuse.

He later contacted her on Facebook to start a sexual relationship.

When that ended, the court heard, Langford found her new phone number through the police computer and contacted her in a failed bid to start the relationship again.

Simon Hunka, defending, said Langford had not been predatory or pressurised the women.

Now "fragile" and being treated for depression, Langford had shown "great remorse and shame" at his behaviour, said Mr Hunka.

Passing sentence, Judge Jamie Tabor QC said Langford  had brought the police service into disrepute and breached public trust.