THE THREE candidates standing in Ledbury's forthcoming by-election, for a seat on Herefordshire Council, have now been announced.

Nominations closed on June 20.

Each candidate has been given the opportunity by, The Ledbury Reporter, to say why they are standing for election on Thursday July 17, and their reasons are given below.

Local Conservative Candidate, Allen Conway, of Ferndown Road, Ledbury, said: "I am standing for the 'Local Conservatives', the only difference is the word, local.

"When asked to stand in the forthcoming elections for the Conservatives I was pleased to say yes. It will give me the opportunity to speak up for Ledbury at Hereford about our issues in Ledbury, which are many and varied.

"I am also pleased to be standing to replace Peter Watts , who did so much for Ledbury.

"As I canvas on the streets for this election the issues being brought up are – the grass cutting – jobs – and the roads-

These are the issues that the Conservatives are trying to resolve; so if I get elected I will be speaking for Ledbury."

UKIP Candidate Paul Stanford, of Stanfield, Weston Beggard said: " I live about eight miles from Ledbury and know many Ledbury people. I am well aware of their concerns and want to bring a common sense approach to local government.

"I have worked in retail, the motor trade and education; served in the Royal Navy and I achieved my ambition to be a head teacher.

"Let us fight for things that matter to local people:

* Re-negotiate to reduce excessive County Council executive salaries.

*Reopen and provide sufficient public toilets.

*Reduce and, where possible, abolish car parking charges.

*Support small shops and small business.

*Improve traffic flow on major roads.

*Abolish council vanity projects, ring roads and by passes attracted by housing grants."

*Scrap plans for a £40m incinerator.

It's Our County Candidate, Terry Widdows, of Canal Walk, Ledbury said: "I am a Ledbury person, through and through, someone who has grown up in the town.

"I am keen to ensure that our beautiful and historic town is not merely preserved but that it moves forward, embracing new ideas.

"Building on my mayoral year, I believe I have more to offer my home town and would like the opportunity to apply my fresh approach to the role of a ward councillor.

"Like so many people, I am frustrated by the many opportunities that have been missed because of the huge amounts of money wasted by Herefordshire Council. I hope to use my energy, pace,youth and recent experience of local issues to really represent the views of Ledbury's people."