A BLUEPRINT that will shape Kington for the next fifteen years will be discussed on at the town’s Marches Access Point on Monday (June 30).

The group will begin outlining how residents want housing to be developed in the future, and the responses will be included in the Neighbourhood Plan – a key document Herefordshire council refers to when deliberating on planning decisions.

A meeting in July will focus on transport, and more sessions planned through Autumn will help round out the plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan will cover the town, Kington rural and Huntington Parish Council.

Councillor Martin Fitton, the Neighbourhood Planning Group’s chairman, said: “Those who live and work in Kington and the surrounding area will all be affected by the Neighbourhood Plan and we need to know what they want.

“We hope to gather opinions, knowledge and expertise of as many people as possible.”

Monday’s meeting will feature a short presentation, before the floor is opened up for a discussion.

For more information contact Cllr Fitton on 01544 232751 or visit www.kingtonareaplan.org.uk .