IN 1953 Leominster businessman Frank Dale bought a 16mm cine camera and for the next five years, filled 111 reels with film stretching over 11 miles. He looked closely at all aspects of his everyday life in North Herefordshire – the horses, country shows, farming, ploughing matches, carnivals and civic events and the visit of the Queen and Prince Philip to Leominster in 1957 to create one of the finest film archive collections of the period.

The North Herefordshire Archive Film Group and The Rural Media Company have now produced a short film called Five Years in the Fifties featuring some of the best parts of this unique collection. The film has been enhanced by a specially composed narrative by poet Philip Wells and a new score by Kim Humphreys.

This heritage holds immense importance for the local community, many of whom still remember Frank Dale and the films he took , which he would take around to pubs and village halls for the enjoyment of people in the villages who always hoped to catch glimpses of themselves or their friends on film. Before television arrived for most families, this was a valuable form of entertainment, and it can be seen at Lyde Court on Wednesday, July 9.

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