A GRANT is on offer to help community groups maintain and improve “green spaces” in their area following a reduction to grass-cutting in the county.

It is a step in the right direction according to Hereford’s Sean Edwards.

Parkland near his Kings Acre home has been largely overgrown for many weeks and, although cut on Tuesday this week, he wants to see the mowers out more regularly.

Mr Edwards, who also manages Westfields FC, said: “My son goes out to play with friends but they haven’t been out here for four or five weeks.

“The council can waste a six figure sum paying outside auditors to tell them they are £200 million in debt but can’t find the money to keep our grass verges and parks cut.

“How are the working people of Hereford to blame if the council can’t manage their budget? Someone needs to be accountable within the council, not the tax-paying public.”

Community groups that are interested in applying for the small grant – which will help with the costs of developing and implementing projects to improve the local environment – can visit Herefordshire Council’s website.

Councillor Rone added: “While we still need to stay within budget and – provide essential services for the more vulnerable, I think that the effects of a reduction in grass cutting, particularly given the weather conditions, needs to be addressed.

“I have therefore asked Balfour Beatty to bring forward their grass cutting programme. I have also identified a number of high priority areas in consultation with local councillors for additional cuts.

“This will focus on play areas and parks in Hereford and the market towns over the next few weeks to get them ready for the school summer holidays.”

Herefordshire Council said that, across the rural road network, Balfour Beatty has continued to keep the highway safe by cutting the visibility splays, carrying out weed spraying and maintaining the trees.

However, there will now be an additional cut across the whole network starting at the end of July to tidy things up before the autumn.

Details of the revised grass cutting schedules are available on the council website.