THROUGHOUT August Goodrich Castle will be hosting a different 'Just for kids' historical adventure for two days each week.

The series starts on Thursday, July 31 and August 1 with Heroes and Villains, which offers the opportunity to learn the tricks of a villainous trade by signing up for the School for Highwaymen.

The highlight of the summer season sees the Fighting Knights pay a visit to Goodrich on August 2 and 3, a family-friendly event that will take visitors back to medieval times, offering a mix of pageantry, excitement and action to give a real taste of the fearsome battles which took place in days gone by.

If you’re on the hunt for a really rather regal day out, then the Knights and Princesses Academy on August 7 and 8 offers tips on everything from curtsies to combat. On August 14 and 15 Robin Hood recruits! as the most infamous of outlaws heads to Goodrich in search of fresh talent to join his band of merry men.

In Weapons and Warriors on August 22 and 23, you can train in the art of combat and find out what it took to be a medieval warrior.

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