LEDBURY has been told to be patient for much-needed signs to its town centre car parks.

Town councillors have expressed "disappointment" that one month on from raising concerns over poor signage with Herefordshire Council, nothing has been done.

Herefordshire councillor for Ledbury, Liz Harvey, speaking at last week's full town council meeting said: "It is unlikely the county council will respond in a month on this. We will have to be patient."

Coun Harvey said that Ledbury was the only market town in Herefordshire to avoid evening charges for car parking, and she added: "It might be nice to put out a press statement to that effect, when we have the signs swopped round."

Cllr Harvey was concerned that signage at the entrance to St Katherine's car park erroneously describes it as short stay, which was until a recent change, and Bye Street car park says it is long stay, which it no longer is.

But Ledbury's mayor, Cllr Rob Barnes, believes that is not the main issue.

He said: "The main task is regarding signs in the High Street for car parking, because they're aren't any, other than a disjointed one at the Alms Houses corner."

Cllr Martin Eager, who famously declared that the Alms House sign is 'pointing the wrong way', up the Homend, said: "One month later, new signs are still not in place and while they are not there, people are losing out.

"I know for a fact that people are not finding our car parks. They are parking in the road then moving on. Let's get these signs in place, before the tourist season has gone and the town has lost a lot of money as a result."