WET weather did not stop a community litter squad from “blitzing” Leominster’s Sydonia park.

Litter busters collected eight sacks of rubbish in 90 minutes from the area after Linda Garrett contacted councillor Jenny Bartlett about its untidy state.

The women joined forces with other volunteers – Andy Gibson, Felicity Norman, Jane Lacey and Pete Blench – to carry out a clean sweep of litter-strewn grass and the adjoining skate park.

Councillor Jenny Bartlett said the skate park was covered with cans, bottles and crisp packets while its large rubbish bin stood completely empty.

She asked: “Can we appeal to local parents to encourage a ‘use the bin’ habit among their youngsters?"

Anyone who would like to help form a neighbourhood ‘friends of Sydonia’ care group should email Jenny Bartlett on jenny.bartlett8@btinternet.com

• Volunteers are welcome to take part in Leominster’s regular Sunday morning town centre litter picks.

The groups meets at 10am by Leominster Fire Station. More information is available from the Leominster Town Council offices on West Street.