BOSBURY Church remains open this week as a focus for local grief and meditation, following the tragic deaths of John and Anne Knott.

The popular local couple were found dead last week at their 300 year old cottage, at Pow Green, near Bosbury.

Police say they are not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths, and a shotgun belonging to Mr Knott was recovered at the scene.

In response to the deaths, an evening service of readings, prayers and quiet reflection took place at Holy Trinity Church, at the heart of Bosbury, last Saturday (August 16).

Vicar Nicky Seabright said: "About twenty people came in. It was a very worthwhile thing to do.

"We have left prayers and candles out, and the church remains open for people to take prayers away, or to light candles; and it will remain open until we hear if the funerals will take place there or not."

Mrs Seabright said she was still awaiting information on this point.

She added: “The community in Bosbury have been deeply shocked by the death of John and Anne as they were well known locally and were supporters of many events in the village. We are obviously really sorry and full of sadness about what has happened and the family are very much in our prayers. As a community we need to come together and support each other."

A number of local people have taken the opportunity to visit the church quietly, following the public service last Saturday.

Mr Knott, aged 71, had been a keen member of the Bosbury Parish Hall Committee, before his wife Anne, aged 70, also known as Elizabeth, became ill.

It is believed that Mrs Knott was suffering from Alzheimers.