THIS photo from 1966 shows the Greyfriars Bridge in Hereford being constructed.

It was opened in December 1966, and it is now hard to believe that previously all traffic had to go across the old Wye bridge.

The new bridge cost £500,000 to build and was the first road bridge in the city to be introduced for 500 years.

Hereford city councillor, Ivor Williams was to drive across the bridge first but it was delayed slightly when he realised his petrol tank was empty.

A quick dash in city council colleague Frank Warr’s car to a nearby garage produced a can of petrol.

In the first 10 minutes after the opening 75 vehicles made the crossing- a considerable improvement compared with the flow over the ancient bridge.

The photo shows how traffic used to flow both ways on the old bridge at the same time.

The new bridge was then officially opened by the mayor in the following January.

The photo also shows the building which is now where Left Bank is.

And in the background you can see rows of what look like mobile homes next to the river.

Do you remember when the Old Bridge was the only bridge to cross? What was the traffic like then?