I AM delighted to be giving Herefordshire voters a strong Green choice again.

Our local communities are full of amazing committed people working and volunteering to protect what we care about, and as your MP I will put our quality of life at the top of the political agenda.

I'm standing for properly funded health and care services, clean energy not fracking, investment in peace and security not nuclear weapons, and decent public transport instead of more tarmac and air pollution. I want to kick private profit out of the NHS and our schools, make education free again, and bring in a fair voting system where every vote counts.

In 2015 I won over half as many votes as Labour, and more than two thirds the LibDem vote. Locally, Greens are a growing force and we have more county councillors than these two parties combined.

I understand that this crucial election is about not just the next 5 years, but the next 50. Brexit will mean thousands of laws and trade agreements being re-written, putting at risk important protections for workers and the environment.

I will scrutinise and challenge all government plans, speaking up for Herefordshire, and defending the services, human rights and precious natural world that are our true wealth.

I want Herefordshire to be the cleanest, healthiest most dynamic rural economy in the UK, where everyone can have the best possible quality of life. Make me your MP and I will put my heart into delivering this.