I FIRST became involved in politics when, as a concerned parent, I became aware of the lack of money for local schools.

Since then I have led campaigns to improve education funding and the wider issues of under funding for our area.

I have become a member of many local groups and charities across Herefordshire including the RSPCA & NSPCC, as I feel that the best way to deal with issues is to listen to the people who are involved with or affected by them.

For 20 years, I have worked as a consultant for local small businesses, providing advice and support. I have also worked for Sun Valley Foods (Cargill), a local educational charity and a newsagent in Hereford.

Continued funding cuts and national cuts to budgets have meant that people are really struggling. We have lost our open door CAB, had cuts to services and support for carers and all voluntary organisations have been told that they need to find funding elsewhere or close. Due to staff reductions, our libraries & tourist facilities are having to increasingly rely upon volunteers.

On top of this in 2019 we will face a funding crisis in Herefordshire. The Conservative Government plans to stop all money to local authorities. They expect councils to raise the money they need for all services from local council tax and businesses.

In a county with a large geographical area, low population and low average income this is an impossible ask. I want us all to work together to work out our priorities and needs for our area and fight for our future.