I AM Hereford born and bred. I love this county of ours, but I have had enough of the Conservatives' complete failure to deliver promise after promise so I want change. That is why I am standing for UKIP. UKIP is the party of patriotism, hard work, secure borders and who fully support our fantastic Armed Forces.

Last year Herefordshire overwhelmingly voted to leave the failing European Union. It was a massive shock to the detached Westminster political elite, but not shock to the hardworking men and women of Herefordshire who live day after day with the results of uncontrolled immigration which puts added pressure on our hospitals, schools and way of life.

The arrogant Conservatives screamed threats of World War 3 and mass unemployment if we did not vote to remain. Theresa May is an ardent Remainer and she appointed an ardent Remainer as her chancellor - she will let you down. UKIP is the only party to guarantee you Brexit.

Over the years, I have seen the council waste money. Our roads are in a dreadful state.

The once beautiful High Town now feels so dated and dirty through neglect, and remember all those Tory promises; superfast broadband, free/reduced hospital parking!

For decent hardworking folk life never gets any easier under the Conservatives. I am currently supporting several local issues, one is a Pelican Crossing and I’m against the Conservatives' mass house building projects. I know I have a fight on my hands, but I’m prepared for the fight.