A MAN who harassed police and called them 'paedophiles' claimed that he had brought knives with him to court to help prove his innocence.


Charles William Gutkind, 56, of Rushall, Ledbury, pleaded not guilty to two charges of breaching a restraining order by harassment and a charge of breaching an anti-social behaviour order.


Adrian Jones, prosecuting, said that Gutkind was prohibited from contacting employees of West Mercia Police unless for a genuine reason following a harassment order imposed in 2013.


Mr Jones said that on March 8, Gutkind left a voicemail on PC Sarah Ransome-Williams' answerphone causing a breach of his harassment order.


"He simply mumbles on about past matters and not any ongoing investigations," said Mr Jones.


"There was no reason for him to be ringing the officer and he was accusing various organisations of incompetence."


On November 16, Gutkind contacted West Mercia Police at 8.19pm when he was described as being abusive and swearing, added Mr Jones.


He said: "Gutkind claimed that the police were paedophiles and said he was going to go to Worcester Crown Court to let everybody know that. He continued to be derogatory about police and court judges."


An anti-social behaviour order imposed by Hereford Magistrates Court in 2007 prevented Gutkind from owning or having in his possession more than two of any animal or bird.


Between November 9 and 19 police found four piglets at his address.


Police attended his address on November 10, and were unable to get a response from the property but became aware of the sound of pigs.


PC Ransome-Williams said that police attended again and found four piglets, which was more than the disclosed amount of pigs he was told he could have.


Gutkind, representing himself, argued that the pigs belonged to a former partner who was in prison.


"Me and my property was attacked by a large knives which I brought here as evidence including some of the property she stabbed with them knives," said Gutkind.


"I didn't want the pigs but helped to rear and feed them."


He said that two of the pigs had since been destroyed.


"Nobody complains about me and I live like a mouse," he added.


Gutkind told Deputy District Judge Nalla Lawrence that there was also nine geese and thousands of fish living at his farm.


Gutkind claimed that he had been unwell in hospital and on return to his property was told that police wanted to speak to him about cannabis plants supposedly found on his land.


He said that he had been taking prescription drugs that he had never taken before and he remembered getting home and being told he had to ring police.


"I didn't ring with the intention of falling out with you lot," he added.


"I was very angry and effected by drugs at the time. I'm very sorry for the person on the other end.


"Police keep coming back and are hounding me. I'm very stressed and don't want another heart attack about this. They have harassed me, stole my land and I'm going to make sure every corrupt copper is exposed.


"Police come around my house like a sore rash that won't go away and it has been a scam to get my farm on the cheap."


Mr Jones said that the defendant admitted to making the calls and accepted that they weren't reasonable.


Judge Lawrence found Gutkind guilty on all charges.


He said that Gutkind accepted making the calls and had no reasonable grounds to do so. He added that Gutkind allowed the pigs inside his property and was also involved in their care.


Judge Lawrence adjourned the sentencing for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.