A FARMER whose flock of sheep was savaged by two Rottweilers has warned that any dog is capable of carrying out a similar attack.

Tom Hadley had his livelihood ruined when 56 lambs were killed during the attack at Risbury near Leominster last September, after the two dogs had escaped from a nearby house.

Their owner, retired dog behaviourist, Charles Ross-Robertson, 65, of Stanton Lacy, near Ludlow, was sentenced at Hereford Magistrates Court last Wednesday, after admitting being in charge of both dogs which were dangerously out of control.

The flock of sheep had been bred from eight pregnant ewes which had been given to Mr Hadley as a 21st birthday present.

Rob Perry, prosecuting, described the carnage caused as 'fairly horrific’ and asked for £20,000 compensation to be awarded to Mr Hadley due to the damage caused.

Ross-Robertson, who had trained dogs for 46 years and still owns many dogs, was ordered to pay £3,500 in compensation over three years by magistrates due to his lack of means and ordered to complete a community order including 12 rehabilitation activity days to focus on alcohol treatment.

Magistrates were told both Rottweiler-cross dogs, named Bournville and Brindle, would ‘inevitably’ carry out a similar attack if they escaped again and ordered the dogs' destruction following an appeal period.

Jamie Scott, mitigating, said that Ross-Robertson had significant security at his property on the day of the sheep attack but a handyman had left a door open and the dogs escaped.

The court heard Ross-Robertson was currently subject to a community order and banned from driving for three years, having been convicted of drink-driving – an offence carried out on the same day as the attack.

Mr Scott said: “This is an isolated incident and the predatory behaviour exhibited wasn’t abnormal or particularly dangerous.”

Following the sentence, Mr Hadley said: “The law needs to be changed and a lot more people need to be aware of what their dogs can do.

“Every dog is capable of this even a little Chihuahua or the best-behaved family pet. My sheep dogs are highly trained but I wouldn’t even trust them as it’s instinct.

“Mr Ross-Robertson has basically got away with it scot-free.

“I estimate over £20,000 of damage was caused and all the time and effort breeding the sheep was ripped away from me. I had aimed to keep breeding and would have been selling the livestock this September.”