A YOUNG Ledbury man, hailed in a recent best-selling fitness book as among the world’s “fitness elite” is bringing a Strongman Competition to the town.

Oliver Chapman, aged 22, says that competitors from all around the UK will come to the town rugby club on Sunday, October 21 for an ordeal of “strength, speed and power, instead of just endurance, like running”.

He is hoping to make the bash an annual event.

Mr Chapman, of Preston Cross, said: “It involves competitors from all around the country and different weight categories from under 12 stone, to over 15 stone, meaning it includes more than just very large overly muscled competitors.

“I created this event because I myself have competed in the Mud Runner and other endurance events and enjoyed them, but I never found I had the chance to test my physical limits in strength. Every public event seemed to be about endurance, until I did the Strongman.”

He added: “Hopefully we will be able to do it every year.”

Large loads will be dead- lifted and over-headed on the day, from noon until 6pm, and spectators will be welcome.

Mr Chapman wrote the “Hero Focus” chapter in the recent best-selling book, The Fit Formula, a publication that hailed him as one of the planet’s “fitness elite”, works as a personal trainer.

He is also studying for a diploma in neurological linguistic programming.