CSSC Ramblers kept up their title challenge with an 8-2 victory over under-strength Ledbury Rovers in Paperstation Malvern Table Tennis League Division One.

There were two wins for Chris Hewitt alongside successes for Alan Salisbury and Graham Thompson.

Hewitt and Thompson combined to take the doubles against Jason Million and James Dance, who replied with singles wins.

Ledbury Collection demolished Manor Park Pumas 9-1 thanks to maximums from Craig Preece and Nigel Foreshew as well as two wins from Harry Jutle. Jon Dyke replied for Pumas.

Pterodactyls enjoyed a 7-3 victory over bottom-of-the-table Crackpots 'E' through another maximum from Wayne Chopping and the doubles with Steve Glazzard, who also won two singles and Ian Bell added one.

Colin Dolding (2) and Dave Steen pulled games back for Crackpots.

Ledbury Lions defeated Ledbury Rovers 7-3 with three wins from Patryck Kowacs and two each for Richard Smith and Steve Meredith.

James Dance countered with two wins and the doubles with Ady Marshall.

In Division Two, Manor Park Travellers maintained their 100 per cent record with an 8-2 victory over Upton Floods thanks to maximums from Martin Snee and Toby Wren, while Ken Hipwell contributed the other victory.

Pete Nash and Peter Quy replied with single victories for Upton.

Scuttling Gang kept up their challenge for second place with a 7-3 win against Floods through maximums from Richard McKenna and Ray Davies. Nash, Quy and Roger Davies pulled games back.

YMCA Vulcans defeated Poolbrook Wanderers 9-1 with John Cawthra and Richard Bennett taking their three singles and the doubles.

Beryl Shammon also contributed two wins with Charlie Burford replying for Wanderers.

Nomads beat X Police 6-4 with Dave Hayes again contributing three victories and the doubles with Geoff Davies.

Davies and Adrian Fray added to the victory for Nomads, while Steve Mulka and James Mulka had two wins each for X Police.

Crackpots 'D' enjoyed a crucial 9-1 Division Three victory against Crackpots 'B' thanks to maximums from Frank Lane and Bob Rhodes and two wins from James Palmer.

Palmer and Rhodes also won the doubles, while Stan Ginn hit back for Crackpots 'B'.

Tornados enjoyed a narrow 6-4 victory against Abbey College with three wins from Ethan Webb and the doubles with Andy Banks, who also had two singles wins.

Devils kept up their title challenge with an 8-2 victory against Tekkers via a maximum from Liz Hallam and two wins each for Pete Harding and Ralph Cook. Ben Meredith replied with two for Tekkers.

Abbeydowne defeated Poolbrook Panthers 6-4 with three wins from Niels Erikkson, who also combined to take the doubles with Chris Burrows.

Burrows also enjoyed two singles victories, while Collette James (2), Ewan Gear and Jude Tyson claimed games for Panthers.

The Malvern League host their individual championships on Sunday in the Forum, Malvern Theatres.

More than 60 players will take part in singles and doubles events from 9am with the major finals starting at around 6pm. Spectators are welcome with free entry.