MALVERN Cycle Sport enjoyed a resounding win at the 17th annual Mountain Mayhem 24-hour race.

The event in the grounds of Gloucestershire's Gatcombe Park attracted 2,500 competitors across 11 categories.

In the team of 10 relay, Malvern's Team Scimitar won with 40 laps of the seven-mile cross-country course and Malvern Cycle Sport Team Scimitar Super Social finished seventh with 31.

Malvern’s Thomas The Tank Engine Factory Race Team were eighth in the sport mixed category with 33.

The race began at noon with a representative from each of the 400 teams lining up for a run to their mountain bikes.

David Creber (Team Scimitar) and Steve Jones (Thomas The Tank Engine) lined up on the front row and made a good start.

Two minutes later, they returned neck-and-neck to begin the riding in third and fourth places respectively with the pack close behind.

After 30 tense minutes, the Malvern contingent roared as Creber lead the field in to hand over to former Olympian Liam Killeen.

Not yet fully recovered from an injury suffered at the 2012 Olympics, Killeen still posted one of the few sub-30 minute laps to hand the advantage to Malvern’s third man of 10.

The Team Scimitar Super Social held fourth place in the early stages.

Made up primarily of club members' parents, some were anxious but all acquitted themselves well and enjoyed the event.

They finished seventh with the same number of laps as the fourth to sixth-placed teams but having taken longer to complete them.

Also from Malvern were Team Fray Bentos in the veterans category and Malvern Tour-Ette in the sport mixed.

A few steely individuals entered the solo category and rode enduringly into the following day without respite.

Malvern’s Paul Cope did 15 laps to come 63rd as was Andrew Rickard with 14 in 77th.

At noon the next day, the 24 hours ended and the riders completed their final lap.

The last lap for Team Scimitar was ridden by Killeen, who set the fastest time with 27 minutes 43 seconds.

The weary but jubilant team were presented with their prizes by Gatcombe Park host Princess Anne.

She congratulated each member and expressed interest in the club's Malvern base and amateur status.


Malvern Cycle Sport Team Scimitar (first Team of Ten, 40 laps in 24.03.03): David Creber, Killeen, Tom Creber, Ralph Towson, Ollie Harcombe, Paddy O’Toole, Keith Evans, Greg Fitzpatrick (captain), Matt Lambeth and Gareth Richards (manager).

Malvern Cycle Sport Team Scimitar Super Social (seventh Team of Ten, 33 laps in 24.34.34): John Pritchard, Ian Williamson, Andy Brookes, Simon Smith, Nic Bryant, Derek Smith, Justine Brookes (captain), Nicol Williamson, Sarah Pritchard and Douglas Ridley.

Thomas The Tank Engine Factory Race Team (eighth sport mixed, 33 laps in 24.04.58): Jones, Tim Curtis, John Holt, Katie Watson and Martin Carr.

Malvern Tour-Ette (43rd sport mixed, 24 laps in 24.12.18): Ben Jepson, Peter Haverson, Graeme Dawson, Simon Kirton and Simon Jennings.

Team Fray Bentos (32nd veterans, 28 laps in 24.01.26): Phil Leah, Mark Chivers, Chris Kent and Ian Westmacott.

Cope (solo, 63rd, 15 laps in 24.03.37), Rickard (solo, 77th, 14 laps in 24.03.45).

For pictures, see this week's Malvern Gazette.