DO you remember Comical Ali?

It was the nickname given to the Iraqi Information Minister in 2003, who continually denied the presence of American soldiers in his country when the exact opposite was true.

While not wanting to make light of the conflict, his statements have come to mind more than once recently when reading the information coming out of Hereford United.

With every day, so the details become increasingly farcical to the point of disbelief.

In the past week alone, the official website carried a report of a friendly against Lancashire minnows Eagley but failed to include any player names or location of the match, despite claiming a 16-0 win.

Also published has been the curriculum vitae of new manager Jon Taylor and a list of aims, which include modest claims such as: “I know that our team is formidable, with the support of their local community they could be incredible”.

Yet nobody knows who, if anybody, is playing for the Bulls because the club won’t tell them. They have a PR officer but don’t respond to requests for information.

Teams have been queueing up to cancel friendlies against them.

Fans are continually told all is well, when the opposite is true.

What other conclusion can be drawn when players from last season, who have since moved on to new clubs, are still owed money?

It is the same for the majority of the office staff, all of whom have walked away out of despair. Promises of payment from new owner Tommy Agombar have been broken time and again.

There is still a winding-up order hanging over the Bulls from former manager Martin Foyle and HM Revenues and Customs, while a Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) is under way.

Herefordshire Council have banned matches from being played at Edgar Street (pictured) because it doesn’t have the required safety certificate to play in the stadium.

The team are supposed to be playing in the Southern League Premier Division next season, with the fixtures due out today, but it is unclear whether they have met the criteria.

Who knows what to believe?

If I was a Bulls fan, I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry.